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Our Resource Center is full of helpful and fun information for everyone, including safety tips, money saving ideas, and a list of links to other useful sites.

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Electrical Service: the conductors and equipment for delivering electric energy from the utility company to the wiring system of the premises

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter: a device (circuit breaker or receptacle) that will de-energize an electrical circuit when an arc from a loose connection is detected

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: a device that will de-energize an electrical circuit when a current to ground more than .005 amps is detected

Bonding: permanently connecting metallic parts of equipment to ensure electrical continuity and ability to safely conduct any current that might (accidentally) occur

Grounded: connected to the earth

Grounding Electrode: the metal water pipe, ground rod, building steel, or reinforcing steel in a concrete foundation that provides a point of connection to the earth

Overcurrent Protection Device: a fuse or circuit breaker designed to de-energize an electrical circuit in the event of an overload (excessive demand) or a fault (short circuit) condition

National Electrical Code: the minimum safety standard for electrical safety, published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), updated every three years

Uniform Construction Code of NJ: the legally enforceable standard (which adopts the National Electrical Code) in New Jersey

Whole-house Surge Protector: an appliance installed adjacent to the main electrical panel that will protect all connected equipment from excessive voltage caused by lightning strikes, power surges, and similar failures

Tamper-resistant Receptacles: a receptacle outlet that is designed to prevent inserting foreign objects into the outlet, which are especially beneficial in homes where small children live or may visit

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